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Hackover 2023: Bald geht es los!

Hello dear hackers,

we are very much looking forward to your visit next weekend. Here are a few important notes about the event:

We have published the first version of our schedule - you can find it at Please note that there might be some minor changes until the event starts.

Hackover is an event that depends on volunteers, the so called angels. If you want to support the event by helping at the bar, handing out merch, at the entrance or with other activities, you can sign up in the angel system at Then, after your arrival report yourself as arrived in heaven and you will get access to the shift schedule. Among all helpers we will distribute again a limited number of angel t-shirts as a thank you. There will also be an angel barbecue on Sunday evening for all tear-down angels.

This year the garden can be used again. Please remember to bring sun protection.

For movie-goers: The movie screening will take place on Saturday at 20:30 at our neighbors "Kino im Sprengel". When you leave the Bürgerschule, the cinema logo will already be visible. Please bring your dedicated cinema ticket (on display or paper).

If you can't attend, please remember to cancel your ticket (via the order confirmation links) so that we can still grant access to hackers on the waiting list.

The event will start on Friday at 15:00 and you can find more information on our FAQ page.

Until then, your Leitstelle511 and the Hackover team!