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Hackover 2023 - What You See Is What You Get

Listen up, Geekend enthusiasts!

This year, after prolonged hibernation Hackover is back! It will take place again at the regular location, the Stadtteilzentrum Nordstadt in Hanover. This year we're bringing the event forward a little to catch some more sunshine than usual, and already meet on 14-16.07. for the summer edition.

Which year? That's right, it's '23 and everything is as it seems. The Leitstelle511 still has no escape tunnel to Mildenberg and there are more fish than golden submarines in the Maschsee. Everything is true, nothing is allowed. What You See Is All You Get.

A special feature of this year's program: In addition to the ordinary activities, a surprise movie screening will be part of the program on Saturday evening in cooperation with the Kino im Sprengel (right next door) on glorious 35mm analog film. You can buy cinema tickets as well as mugs, merch etc. together with your ticket.

Starting on 01.05.2023, you can click your ticket for Hackover 2023. So pack your 23 things, make sure the PDP-11 isn't out in the rain, and get ready for Hackover 2023! We are looking forward to seeing you!